Why Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong

There are quite a number of advantages that tag along with plastic surgery. Plastic surgery could either be a success or a disaster. You may stop to wonder why plastic surgeries go wrong. Having a plastic surgery is undoubtedly very important to some people. It could come in handy to both the celebrities and the general public.

Successful celebrity plastic surgery could be very important to the celebrity. It not only helps the celebrity develop a high self esteem, it also helps in keeping the celebrity looking young and glamorous for long. Apart from enhancing the facial appearance, plastic surgeries could also help an individual enhance the figure of the body or parts of the body like the hips and the breasts. Beyonce’s successful butt implants before and after story

Beyonce Body

Despite the advantages associated with plastic surgery, there are cases in which the whole procedure may go wrong. Bad celebrity plastic surgery rocks the news every so often. Once in a while, you will get to hear of a celebrity who has come clean publicly about a plastic surgery that turned out disastrous. There are a number of things that may make a plastic surgery procedure go wrong.

Failed plastic surgery

Allergic reactions may make plastic surgery go wrong. There are some surgeries that involve the introduction of foreign bodies into the body. An example of such a surgery is a nose job. When the cartilage of the nose cannot support the whole nasal structure after the surgery, an object is introduced to help support the nasal structure. The individual may be allergic to the object that is introduced. This will lead to the object being removed before the healing process is complete. This will result in the nose being of a shape that is not desired. Such cases may lead to multiple surgeries that could result in the entire nose being weakened making it fluffy and shapeless.

Another thing that could make a plastic surgery turn disastrous is the over application of the cosmetic enhancers. When Botox is over applied, the result is a face that is rather tight. Botox is an injection that is used to prevent or reduce wrinkles. It also reduces the groves that may appear on the sides of the mouth and the nose as a result of advancement in age. When too much of Botox is injected into the body, the skin becomes overstretched. The facial skin becomes rather tight and may be very uncomfortable to the individual. The skin around the eye becomes tight and feels rather uncomfortable while blinking. It also results in the face looking ‘plastic’ and also takes away the ‘life’ from you.

When a plastic surgery is carried out by a non-professional, there are high chances that the results turn out a total mess. An example is when a butt implant is performed by a doctor who is not well trained to carry out the procedure. Chances are high that the results will be disastrous. There are possibilities that the buttocks may be un-proportionate after the surgery. This means that one side may be bigger than the other, a situation which may be a hitch to the self-esteem of a person.