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Kaley Cuoco Admitted That She Has Had Boob Job

Kaley Cuoco plastic surgery rumours must indeed be true; the actress has a rather smooth and innocent appearance for a woman born in 1985. She has this teenage-like appeal to her face and body which has led many fans and critics alike to speculate on plastic surgery procedures.

Kaley Cuoco Plastic Surgery

In case you are still not familiar with the actress, Kaley Cuoco plays the character of Penny in CBS’s series The Big Bang Theory. She has also had stints in ABC’s 8 Simple Rules as well as Charmed in which she appeared at the final season. What many people ma not know though, is that at one point, Kaley was an amateur tennis player who was regionally ranked. She, however, stopped playing tennis at the age of 16.

The range of Kaley Cuoco plastic surgery procedures has made her a striking, young actress and no doubt, a darling of many audiences. She has also succeeded where many celebrities before her have failed: admitting to plastic surgery rumors! Read more

Joan Rivers’ Love Affair with Plastic Surgery

Upon the death of the celebrated comedienne, many people have different things by which they will remember Joan Rivers. So good and unique was she at what she did that she had unwavering fan following till her demise. Many, too, will remember her for her love of everything cosmetic surgery.

Joan Rivers After Plastic Surery

Photo by Mike Flokis/Getty Images

In fact, she denied or shied away from the fact that she loved giving herself artificial helps just to keep on looking glam. This is not to say that Joan was in any way a plain woman. On the contrary, she was quite a beauty both before she started touching up under the surgeon’s knife and after! Read more