New Mom Style – the Perfect Bag

Being a new mom is amazing, however it has robbed me of most of my wardrobe at the moment. I am either still too big to fit into them or they just plain are not practical for my new life with my newborn. I have been trying to spend money wisely to get some new pieces in my wardrobe that allow me to feel like a real woman again but pieces that will still work for the most part as I continue to (hopefully!) lose more weight, still about 15lbs to go.

I have been really enjoying the show Kimora: House of Fab on the Style network and found myself browsing the site more often. While I wish they had more low heel options, because 5 inch platform pumps just are not practical for a new mom to safely walk around with a newborn, I have already purchased 2 bags and a bracelet.

This month the City Slicker bag showed up in my showroom and I had to have it. Not only was I in love with how chic it looked, it was so practical for my new life because I can carry it on my back while I keep my arms free for my daughter and the many things that come along with her.

City Slicker bag

The bag is nice quality and I love the size of it. It has adjustable straps so it works for someone as petite as I am but can expand to fit anyone.