Joan Rivers’ Love Affair with Plastic Surgery

Upon the death of the celebrated comedienne, many people have different things by which they will remember Joan Rivers. So good and unique was she at what she did that she had unwavering fan following till her demise. Many, too, will remember her for her love of everything cosmetic surgery.

Joan Rivers After Plastic Surery

Photo by Mike Flokis/Getty Images

In fact, she denied or shied away from the fact that she loved giving herself artificial helps just to keep on looking glam. This is not to say that Joan was in any way a plain woman. On the contrary, she was quite a beauty both before she started touching up under the surgeon’s knife and after!

Joan Rivers was so obsessed with plastic surgery that her daughter tried to talk her to consider moderation! Melissa Rivers admitted to Anderson Cooper during an interview that she had tried-albeit unsuccessfully- to get her mother to slow down her love for surgeries and injections.

Worthy to note is the fact that Joan had her first procedure at the age of around 32 in 1965. It was an eye lift. This was the same year during which she appeared with Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show. Come 1980, Joan had climbed up the career ladder to become Johnny’s co-host. Of course, she looked very different from what people were used to and it is not known how many procedures she may have undergone at that point.

In 1983, her facial features were still changing because she was went on and on with plastic surgery routines. They were almost always successes but many treat her results as utter failure []! Her nose was notably thinner in 1983 and she was so proud of it that she flaunted it to all who cared to look!

At the Emmy Awards of 1988, she was so full of herself and admitted to going for these surgeries to look good. She even hinted that beauty was a plus for a celebrity who wants to keep on making cash. By 1990 at the Emmy’s where she won her first award for the Joan Rivers Show, her appearance had changed some more. In 2008, she admitted to The New York Times that her career line was “youth oriented” and she needed to look as glam as possible to keep up!

At the age of 61 when she went to the Tony Awards Nominees Brunch, her face looked very natural; with a few, discernible wrinkle lines. Three years later, she would spot a tighter facial skin indicating Botox injections. In 2000, she went ahead to assert “Better a new face coming out of an old car than an old face coming out of a new car!”

As she clocked her 70’s, her facial expressions were compromised by numerous nips and tucks. It is speculated that she might have undergone more than 700 procedures in her lifetime. Even by the time of her death at 81, she looked younger than her age.

Hers is a story of a celebrity who never cared what the media says of her looks but did to her body what makes her happy! Very few celebrities like Joan and Kenny Rodgers have the nerve to admit to enhancing their looks artificially! May she rest in peace!