How Much is JK Rowling Worth?

JK Rowling is certainly one of the world’s most inspirational women who have encouraged millions of people around the globe to believe in their talents and work hard at them! Despite the numerous odds that were stacked high against her, she managed to outlive the fate of poverty that befalls many avid writers and today, she has a highly enviable net worth!

We are talking about the writer of the Harry Porter series of books! Yes, the books that many young people are seriously hooked to and hide beneath their pillows at night! Hers is the typical “grass to grace” story.

JK Rowling net worth

The British author and movie producer is considered to be one of the richest private citizens in the United Kingdom and no doubt, the first author to hit the $1 billion net worth the world over! She was born in Yate, England in 1965 and took up French and the Classics at the University of Exeter.

She would then become a researcher and then travelled to Portugal to be an English teacher. Things did not flow as smoothly as she might have expected in Portugal because the man she married turned out to be abusive and she soon left to go back home after a failed marriage.

Rowling would come up with the idea of the first Harry Porter book, Harry Porter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in 1990 while on a delayed train ride. It took her almost five years to finish it up; a time during which she even took up government assistance as things were not very good for her financially.

To cut the long story short, she wrote a total of seven books of the Harry Porter series which formed the basis for her amazing success in the film, licensing and literary industries! The last two books in the series sold nine and eleven million books respectively; in less than one day after their releases.

Today, the books have been translated into 65 different languages and they have been the source of highly popular films which have grossed billions of dollars in revenue.

Rowling is today married to anaesthetist, David Murray with whom they have three children; including her daughter from the first marriage that failed. She is not in good terms with her father though, having had a difficult time with him while she was growing up. Her mother died early on after a lifetime of serious disease affliction.

In the past, recent years, Rowling has used her wealth to support charitable courses. Her philanthropic courses and popular books plus the famous films that have resulted from them have won her much acclaim throughout the world. At the 2012 Olympics held in London, JK Rowling was one of the dignitaries featured at the opening ceremony.

While much of her income has come from writing children’s books, she has also tried venturing into adult novels. Nevertheless, she is still widely acclaimed for the Harry Porter series than anything else. It remains to be seen if her net worth will double in the next coming years!