Has Jennifer Aniston Had Any Plastic Surgery?

Even at the age of 46, Jennifer Aniston is still conspicuous and exceedingly youthful. She commands attention every time she walks over the red carpet. But, is her youthful looks really natural? Has Jennifer Aniston had any surgery?

Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery

According to an article on EliteCelebsMag.com, a top plastic surgeon explains that Jennifer may have had a little bit of assistance to combat the aging process. “From the look of things, Mrs. Aniston was lucky to have favorable features that continuously permit graceful aging process,” said John G Westine, a plastic surgeon at Delray Beach.

Westine wasn’t involved in any of Jennifer’s beauty enhancement, but explains that there are possibilities that the celebrity had received injectable assistance along with filters and neuromodulators.

The Neuromodulators That Might Have Improved Mrs. Aniston’s Look

To help reduce the line that forms in between her eyebrows, Jennifer might have gone for injections. “It appears like she either took a disport or Botox neuromodulator injections to smoothen the glabellar 11 lines,” says Westine. “This relaxes the area between the eyebrows, as well as making them look slightly widened,” added Dr. Westine.

Jennifer Aniston then and now

Although expensive and somewhat unaffordable to many people, Botox and Disport are effective injections to help enhance beauty. It gives a nice look to the eyes, as it raises the tail of the eyebrow. You’ll also realize that Aniston might have done something on the area between her lips and nose.

The Mechanism Aniston Used To Soften the Area between Her Nose and Lips

The folds from the corner of the lips of the nose are called the nasolabial fold. According to Dr. Westine, the groove below the fold deepens with repeated animation, and is always easy to soften using specific fillers. Aniston might have used either Restylane or Juvederm. The two are a little bit more expensive than Botox.

Jennifer Aniston 2017

Fillers are also used around the mouth to soften smaller lines. Restylane Silk and Juvederm Ultra are essential in smoothening and softening. During animation, when one smiles or even moves the lips, fine lines around the mouth also deepen and become more visible. Jennifer’s expensive beauty arrangement seems to working pretty well.

And Dr. Westine says, “Aniston is gorgeous and has many promising attributes like well-organized, and strong bone structure. Her cheekbone projects beautifully to offer scaffolding, onto which her softened tissues get attached.”

Sometimes ago, Jennifer Aniston openly admitted that she tried Botox. In fact, she doesn’t regret saying this because she thinks most celebrities and actress use neuromodulators. Aniston added that looking good is her occupation – it is what defines her. So, she can do anything in her might to ensure that she is appealing and attractive.

In 2015, Jennifer Aniston told Bobbi Brown that getting face injection is very easy; “slippery slope,” as she calls it, and also admitted that it’s addictive.