Cosmetic Surgery Could Be The Secret Forever Looking Young

Whether one is a TV, Film or theater artist, one thing is common amongst all three of them. They need to look good eternally, if they are to survive in this highly competitive industry. Appearances do matter a lot in the film and entertainment industry and one cannot afford to be even slightly laid back on this important factor.

That is the reason why today, cosmetic plastic surgery industry is a multi-billion dollar industry across the country and also in many parts of the world. However, it is also a fact that only a small section of extremely wealthy individuals are able to afford these kinds of plastic surgeries. However, there is hardly any doubt that these surgeries play a big role in making or breaking a career.

Let us now look at the story of Julianna Margulies. A fantastic actress who is highly talented and extremely good looking, she has created a sensation of sorts and has a huge fan following.

Julianna Marguiles

However, she is not as young as she looks and the credit for this should entirely go to the plastic surgeons, who have constantly helped her to look perennially young, so to say. If one looks at the pictures of Julianna before and after these surgeries, one would be certainly amazed at what a good plastic surgery can do to an individual. The facelift, botox and other treatments that Julianna has gone through have all been successful and it certainly is no mean achievement. It has, without any doubt, made her a new person and she still continues to ooze lot of oomph and sex appeal.

The same is the case with the various plastic surgeries performed on Christina Hendricks. If one looks at Christina’s breasts now, it certainly looks voluptuous and highly intimidating. Her breasts were tiny, when compared to what they are now and it has certainly set many hearts on fire. Nonetheless, her career is again on the upswing and this is a classic example of what well performed breast implants and other surgeries can do to a struggling artist.

While this may sound good for ordinary people, it may not be always right to go by these examples alone. If you are planning for such procedures and planning to put your skin under the knife, you must take lot of information and gain knowledge, before actually getting into the act. You should not always be guided by what beauty consultants and plastic surgeons have to say. They are there to make money and the onus is one you to verify their claims and only then go in for such procedures. The costs of such procedures are also very high and this fact must also be kept in mind.