Week Exercise Plan to Lose Weight

There are several ways of losing weight. Dieting is one of them. It involves setting aside certain foods to be consumed and others to be avoided. Most commonly foods high in fat are avoided, or their consumption minimized. The consumption of foods high in fiber is increased as they promote healthy digestion and facilitate healthy bowel movements.

Losing weight through regular physical exercising is also a healthy way of shedding off extra weight. Setting a week exercise plan to lose weight and making a target for the amount of weight is necessary. This is because stretching, cardio-exercising, strength training and resting are equally important in the weight loss process. One should be careful to know that in order to lose one pound in a week, 3500 calories should be burnt per week this substitutes to 500 calories per day.

However when one is on a diet, the diet plan is responsible for shedding off part of the 500 calories per day thereby reducing the intensity of exercising.

A healthy weekly exercising routine should be as follows. For a Monday, cardio exercise should involve jogging or taking a walk for a period of about 60 minutes. This should be responsible for shedding off 330 calories. On the same day, a 10-minute stretching exercise should be taken. This could be responsible for burning up to 40 calories. For a Tuesday, a cardio exercise involving a bike ride for 30-minutes should be taken. This should burn 270 calories. Strength training and stretching for 60 minutes responsible for burning 269 calories should also come in on the same day.

Exercise Plan

On Wednesday, a rest or 20-minute walk at a pace of 20-minutes per mile should be okay. It should burn 66 calories. On Thursday, a cardio exercise involving a 60-minute cycling should be necessary. It should burn 413 calories. This could be substituted with a 45-minute vigorous swim which should burn 446 calories. A 20-minute strength training to burn 119 calories is also necessary.

For a post-biking exercise, arm and shoulder workout should follow. For a post-swim exercise, a ten minute leg and butt workout should follow. Stretching for 10 minutes to burn 40 calories is also necessary.

A 20 minute run at 10 minutes per mile to burn 180 calories is inevitable for a Friday. A 60 minute strength training and stretching at a 60 minute fast placed yoga class should follow. It should burn 269 calories. Cardio-exercising in a zumba class for 60 minutes or a 60-minute hike is quite prudent for Saturday. They both burn 324 calories. It should be followed by strength training for 20 minutes (119 calories). It is reasonable to rest on Sunday or take a 20-minute walk at 20 minutes per mile.

Garinia Cambogia Select should be used to take care of the caloric deficit. It blocks fats and therefore prevents the extra storage of fats in the body. This helps in cutting down the caloric concentration in the body. It therefore necessary in assisting the weekly exercise plan.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery – When Age has No Bar

The cut throat glamour industry show no mercy to the one who decides to age gracefully. So when it comes to Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery, she is no exception. Now a days aged people undergoing plastic surgery really isn’t much of a big deal, whether they happen to be actors, musician, or socialites. Apparently, what really matters is your image, and plastic surgery isn’t optional anymore if you want to survive. And the author is nothing but a statistic.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman was born on June 4th 1943 in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. She is famously known for being an evangelist, and charismatic behavior. What started off as a bad childhood because of her father’s sexual abuse after returning from war, inspired her to speak up to many more people. By sharing her own experiences, she has changed many lives today, thousands of people follow her sermons and teachings everyday to bring about a change in their lives. In the year 2005, she was ranked 17th in “25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America” of Times Magazine.

Doesn’t look like she has aged much.

The 51-year-old speaker doesn’t look like she has aged much to be honest. For a woman who has been quoting the Bible as part of her life’s work, her decision for plastic surgery goes against her very own teachings, i.e. Everyone is created in the eyes of the creator. But she is human after all. Without any judgment whatsoever, she like everyone else aspires to look good. Added to the fact she is a televangelist, making a hundred appearances on TV. In the view of the common people it was most likely that she felt insecure about her aging looks.

Rumors about Nicole Kidman’s plastic surgery has been buzzing around for quite some time now. And it doesn’t help the fact that she has kept mum about this for so long, when the changes happen to be so obvious from her before and after photographs. On the contrary, she has always encouraged other people in her sermons to talk openly about any troubling life experience. Recently, Celebrityabc published an article about itNicole Kidman Plastic Surgery – Nose Job, Breast Implants and Facelift

Lip fillers

One of the major let downs about Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery are her lip filler injections. Improper and excessive amounts of injections have caused her upper lip muscles to paralyze. This causes a lot of flexibility problems when speaking. But luckily she has the money to fix the scar tissue of her lips to correct the swelling and sagging. In addition, her lips kind of create a rather distinctive curve around the corner, which looks artificial and creates the expression of a smirk. Let’s see what she does about that.

The facelift

Her facelift surgery made her quite popular, but for the all the wrong reasons imaginable. Her facial features changed in such a drastic way that went against all her motivated writings and speeches about the philosophies of self-acceptance and self-love. The once natural looking face just looks so artificial now, with the tight smooth skin, which is impossible for a woman of her age.

Facelift did wonder for Bollywood celebrity Priyanka Chopra as wellClick here for more info.

Priyanka Chopra facelift


The wrinkles are simply gone from her forehead and the smooth skin around her cheeks and chin region is something that cannot go unnoticed even to the amateur’s eye. For a woman of her age maybe this isn’t the kind of cosmetic change that we want, especially from a motivational speaker.

A maybe rhinoplasty and eyebrow lift

A careful examination of the before and after pictures of Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery show a certain change in her eyebrows and nose, as they happen to look a little refined. Her eyebrows look a little lifted. And the nose seems a bit well defined and sharper.

Still her overall cosmetic procedure journey has gone against her and has left her looking unnatural. It is sad that she had fallen in the hands of an inexperienced plastic surgeon and in the future let’s hope that she accepts for who she really is. Or she might just go ahead and finish what she started.

Cosmetic Surgery Could Be The Secret Forever Looking Young

Whether one is a TV, Film or theater artist, one thing is common amongst all three of them. They need to look good eternally, if they are to survive in this highly competitive industry. Appearances do matter a lot in the film and entertainment industry and one cannot afford to be even slightly laid back on this important factor. That is the reason why today, cosmetic plastic surgery industry is a multi-billion dollar industry across the country and also in many parts of the world. However, it is also a fact that only a small section of extremely wealthy individuals are able to afford these kinds of plastic surgeries. However, there is hardly any doubt that these surgeries play a big role in making or breaking a career.

Let us now look at the story of Julianna Margulies. A fantastic actress who is highly talented and extremely good looking, she has created a sensation of sorts and has a huge fan following.

Julianna Marguiles

However, she is not as young as she looks and the credit for this should entirely go to the plastic surgeons, who have constantly helped her to look perennially young, so to say. If one looks at the pictures of Julianna before and after these surgeries, one would be certainly amazed at what a good plastic surgery can do to an individual. The facelift, botox and other treatments that Julianna has gone through have all been successful and it certainly is no mean achievement. It has, without any doubt, made her a new person and she still continues to ooze lot of oomph and sex appeal.

The same is the case with the various plastic surgeries performed on Christina Hendricks. If one looks at Christina’s breasts now, it certainly looks voluptuous and highly intimidating. Her breasts were tiny, when compared to what they are now and it has certainly set many hearts on fire. Nonetheless, her career is again on the upswing and this is a classic example of what well performed breast implants and other surgeries can do to a struggling artist.

While this may sound good for ordinary people, it may not be always right to go by these examples alone. If you are planning for such procedures and planning to put your skin under the knife, you must take lot of information and gain knowledge, before actually getting into the act. You should not always be guided by what beauty consultants and plastic surgeons have to say. They are there to make money and the onus is one you to verify their claims and only then go in for such procedures. The costs of such procedures are also very high and this fact must also be kept in mind.

Hairstyles to Look Perfect in Summer

When one hears the name summer, what often come to their mind is vacation, a break from responsibilities, long lazy holidays and partying. Everybody tends to be wondering what they will do during summer. It is a season filled with joy and love. The best way of starting off a summer season is by a party. In this season, you should try and look your best because it is a season filled with activities and opportunities. When the summer season approaches, you should consider transforming your closet. You should get attire that would properly fit the summer season. Being that it is a warm season, you should consider getting light clothes.


Hair should also be a factor to consider during the summer season. There are certain hairstyles that do not go well with summer. When you wear them, you look so overdone, considering the temperature of this season. It is therefore advisable that you do light hairstyles that do not make you look so worked up. There are a number of factors that you should put into consideration before ultimately choosing a hairstyle to don during the summer period. Whatever the texture, the length or the color of your hair, you should be aware that there is hairstyle that can actually make you look sexy for summer.

A lot of people tend to go with the opinion that short hair is not as good as long hair. Some also claim that short hair makes one look dull and unexciting. This is however not the case. Short hairstyle could in fact do it for many during the summer period. One of the advantages that is associated to short hair is that it is easy to maintain. There are various low maintenance short curly hairstyles (look it up).

Curly hairstyles make black women look gorgeous and very sexy. One should however be aware of the type of face they have. There are hairstyles that pull out well with round faces while with longer faces they are not much of a success. Some short naturally curly hairstyles for round faces that are worth trying out may give you that gorgeous and appealing look that is just great for summer.

uneven side swept bangs

Another hairstyle that could help you look great in summer is the side-sweep hairstyle. This hairstyle has been around for quite a long time now. Most of the hairstyles that came up with or even after it have since faded out of fashion, but it has remained put and has in fact been growing famous since. In the side sweep, the hair is swept to one corner of the head and it is put over one shoulder.

There are different types of the side-sweep. This hairstyle is convenient for many because it could be done by almost all hair types. Just as it would do for it for one with curly hair, so would it be able to work out for those with straight hair and also for braided hair. The side-sweep just kills it for the summer season. You feel less heat and you look gorgeous at the same time.

How Much is JK Rowling Worth?

JK Rowling is certainly one of the world’s most inspirational women who have encouraged millions of people around the globe to believe in their talents and work hard at them! Despite the numerous odds that were stacked high against her, she managed to outlive the fate of poverty that befalls many avid writers and today, she has a highly enviable net worth!

We are talking about the writer of the Harry Porter series of books! Yes, the books that many young people are seriously hooked to and hide beneath their pillows at night! Hers is the typical “grass to grace” story.

JK Rowling net worth

The British author and movie producer is considered to be one of the richest private citizens in the United Kingdom and no doubt, the first author to hit the $1 billion net worth the world over! She was born in Yate, England in 1965 and took up French and the Classics at the University of Exeter.

She would then become a researcher and then travelled to Portugal to be an English teacher. Things did not flow as smoothly as she might have expected in Portugal because the man she married turned out to be abusive and she soon left to go back home after a failed marriage.

Rowling would come up with the idea of the first Harry Porter book, Harry Porter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in 1990 while on a delayed train ride. It took her almost five years to finish it up; a time during which she even took up government assistance as things were not very good for her financially.

To cut the long story short, she wrote a total of seven books of the Harry Porter series which formed the basis for her amazing success in the film, licensing and literary industries! The last two books in the series sold nine and eleven million books respectively; in less than one day after their releases.

Today, the books have been translated into 65 different languages and they have been the source of highly popular films which have grossed billions of dollars in revenue.

Rowling is today married to anaesthetist, David Murray with whom they have three children; including her daughter from the first marriage that failed. She is not in good terms with her father though, having had a difficult time with him while she was growing up. Her mother died early on after a lifetime of serious disease affliction.

In the past, recent years, Rowling has used her wealth to support charitable courses. Her philanthropic courses and popular books plus the famous films that have resulted from them have won her much acclaim throughout the world. At the 2012 Olympics held in London, JK Rowling was one of the dignitaries featured at the opening ceremony.

While much of her income has come from writing children’s books, she has also tried venturing into adult novels. Nevertheless, she is still widely acclaimed for the Harry Porter series than anything else. It remains to be seen if her net worth will double in the next coming years!

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Sir Elton John net worth 2015

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower Review

I like working out. However, what I like more than working out is working out using an equipment that is attractive, comfortable, effective, state of the art that perfectly suits my needs. If you are like me, then you need to hear about the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower which combines technology with a sleek design and effective work out modes that will achieve your desired results while maintaining your comfort.

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower uses resistance to achieve the desired work-outs. It has 8 levels of resistances that are easy to adjust; all you need is to press the buttons up or down on the fitness monitor. This makes the Rower ideal for all types of people from the workout fanatics with a lot of strength to the workout rookies who are just starting out. Moreover, due to its flexibility in these levels, any person irrespective of height or weight can easily use it.

At the base of the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower near the footrests, there is an LCD display monitor that displays the data from the attached fitness monitor. The multifunctional fitness monitor keeps track of important data such as time, stroke/minute and distance in kilometres among others. This monitor does not only keep record of the data but also allows you to set targets of what you want to achieve including the, time or distance among other things. The monitor will give a beep when you achieve your target. The monitor also gives you several different workout programs that diversify your workout sessions. Moreover, the monitor is compatible with heart rate monitor and the data from it will be displayed on the LCD screen.

When the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower was being made, the designers put into consideration the comfort of the user. For this reason, the seat is made large with a padded polyurethane leather material. The handles are also padded with a good grip that will not give you blisters. The footrests are over sized and to prevent slipping there are additional Velcro straps. The gliding motion of the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower is smooth due to the double bearings in its structure and produces zero noise. Additionally, the bearings make the sliding seat long lasting with even with minimal maintenance. The body of the Rower is made from aluminum making the equipment feel sturdy and durable.

With all these features, you would expect Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower to be huge and cumbersome to fit into your house. However, the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower is quite light, aesthetically pleasing and takes up a small space. Moreover, when you are done with your workout you can simply fold up the equipment to create more space. This makes it convenient to use in a small room or even add into your already crowded gym room. The price of this particular equipment is also fair averaging $600.

The one downside of this machine is that it requires power to run. This could slightly increase your bills.

With so many benefits, it is hard not to fall in love with the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower. So, go out day and browse the stores near you. You just might get this equipment and for a discount at that!

Why Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong

There are quite a number of advantages that tag along with plastic surgery. Plastic surgery could either be a success or a disaster. You may stop to wonder why plastic surgeries go wrong. Having a plastic surgery is undoubtedly very important to some people. It could come in handy to both the celebrities and the general public.

Successful celebrity plastic surgery could be very important to the celebrity. It not only helps the celebrity develop a high self esteem, it also helps in keeping the celebrity looking young and glamorous for long. Apart from enhancing the facial appearance, plastic surgeries could also help an individual enhance the figure of the body or parts of the body like the hips and the breasts. Beyonce’s successful butt implants before and after storyhttp://celebrityabc.com/beyonce-plastic-surgery

Beyonce Body

Despite the advantages associated with plastic surgery, there are cases in which the whole procedure may go wrong. Bad celebrity plastic surgery rocks the news every so often. Once in a while, you will get to hear of a celebrity who has come clean publicly about a plastic surgery that turned out disastrous. There are a number of things that may make a plastic surgery procedure go wrong.

Failed plastic surgery

Allergic reactions may make plastic surgery go wrong. There are some surgeries that involve the introduction of foreign bodies into the body. An example of such a surgery is a nose job. When the cartilage of the nose cannot support the whole nasal structure after the surgery, an object is introduced to help support the nasal structure. The individual may be allergic to the object that is introduced. This will lead to the object being removed before the healing process is complete. This will result in the nose being of a shape that is not desired. Such cases may lead to multiple surgeries that could result in the entire nose being weakened making it fluffy and shapeless.

Another thing that could make a plastic surgery turn disastrous is the over application of the cosmetic enhancers. When Botox is over applied, the result is a face that is rather tight. Botox is an injection that is used to prevent or reduce wrinkles. It also reduces the groves that may appear on the sides of the mouth and the nose as a result of advancement in age. When too much of Botox is injected into the body, the skin becomes overstretched. The facial skin becomes rather tight and may be very uncomfortable to the individual. The skin around the eye becomes tight and feels rather uncomfortable while blinking. It also results in the face looking ‘plastic’ and also takes away the ‘life’ from you.

When a plastic surgery is carried out by a non-professional, there are high chances that the results turn out a total mess. An example is when a butt implant is performed by a doctor who is not well trained to carry out the procedure. Chances are high that the results will be disastrous. There are possibilities that the buttocks may be un-proportionate after the surgery. This means that one side may be bigger than the other, a situation which may be a hitch to the self-esteem of a person.

Mistakes That You Are Making While Trying To Lose Weight

You have been trying to lose that weight for longest time ever. You know what you need to do and you have done it: you work out, eat properly and you have even sought a little help for Garcinia cambogia extract. But you are still not losing weight. Dietitian Expert Mary Anderson stated that you are making one of the below mistakes when trying to lose weight.

Weight Loss Mistakes

No resistance training in your workout

So you have been working out numerous hours, you have all sorts of aerobic workouts. These, even though will keep you medically fit will not help in your weight loss. They become obsolete after just a few weeks. What you need is resistance training. Resistance training will help you build muscles. These will require more energy to maintain thus you will have an after burn hours after your work out. Combining resistance training with cardio will see you losing weight quickly. Moreover, it will help you maintain a toned body after weight loss.

You are not consistent

At the start of your weight loss program, you were very enthusiastic. You did not miss the gym, you watched what you ate and not a day would go without an effort to lose some calories. However, after some time you lose interest and start skipping gym sessions, watching what you eat and not being so resilient. After a while you start the whole weight loss process again. This will not give you any results. To successfully lose weight, you need to be consistent; stick to your schedule and habits no matter what and you will start to see great results.

Skipping meals especially breakfast

The worst thing as a weight watcher is to skip meals. Your body responds by going into starvation to protect itself, slowing down your metabolism considerably. This is more so if you skip breakfast as the metabolism will not be able to be started after the long hours of sleep. You need your breakfast to start your metabolism. You also need to eat many small meals during the day. This will ensure your blood glucose levels remain constant and eliminate cravings.

Not sleeping well

Sleep is a vital component of any weight loss program. Lack of sufficient and quality sleep will activate cortisol, a hormone that suppresses burning of calories. Overall, cortisol even helps your body store up fat. Moreover, cortisol hormone suppresses feel good hormones such as serotonin leading to emotional feeding. To control this, make sure you get at least 6 hours of quality sleep every night.

Over reliance on a diet pill

There is no wonder pill that you will just swallow and lose weight. All pills will require you to do something in order to lose weight. So stop hopping from one pill to the next in a bid to lose weight. Stick to a good weight loss product – Dr Oz Garcinia cambogia, eat well, workout and you will lose weight. It is as simple as that.